Xiaomi Precision Screwdriver Kit

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  • Aluminium Alloy Storage Box
  • High precision integrated molding process and smooth arc edge
  • Sandblasted surface anodes treatment, anti-sweat and anti-corrosion
  • Aluminium Alloy Handle
  • Turncap design
  • Imported S2 Steel


Net weight
353 g
Item Dimensions
201.8*74.2*25.2 mm
Screwdriver Dimensions
159 * 16.4 mm
Bit size (C4 x 45mm) (C4 x 45mm)
PH1000/ PH100/ PH0/ PH1/ H0.7/ H0.9/ H2.0/ SL1.5/ SL2.0/ T2/ T3/ T4/ T5H/ T6H/ T8H/ T9H/ T10H/ P2/ P5/ W1.5/ Y0.6/ Y1

Xiaomi Electric
Precision Screwdriver

Two-speed torque precise control,
discover unlimited possibilities

Two-speed torque adjustable
Magnetic storage container
24 x S2 steel precision screwdriving bits
400+ precision screws on one full charge

All-metal gearbox

Powerful magnetic motor

High-quality rechargeable lithium battery

S2 steel screwdriving bits

Universal Type-C charging port

Aluminium alloy case

Push pop-up , magnetic storage
Classic award-winning design

The Mi Precision Screwdriver has won five international design awards; namely the iF, Red Dot, Japan Good Design, IDEA and Chicago Good Design awards. The Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver uses the same popup design, featuring a convenient, push-to-release mechanism.

* The image on the left shows the Xiaomi Electric Precision
Screwdriver, and the image on the right shows the Mi Precision
Screwdriver. This image is used only to illustrate the different
dimensions of the two products.

Low centre of gravity for greater
Non-slip texture for easy grip

The internal structure of the main body of the screwdriver has been adjusted over and over
to provide a balanced centre of gravity and improved handling. The 3D
non-slip texture on the grip increases friction for a more secure hold of the
screwdriver during use.

Unibody aluminium alloy case
Aluminium alloy anodising process

The storage case and the screwdriver body are both made of high-quality
aluminium alloy, making them comfortable to hold. The anodised surface
finish is non-slip and sweat resistant, and is less prone to rust.

Universal Type-C charging port
Worry-free charging alert indicator

The Type-C charging port is compatible with charging cables of popular
electronic products, making charging more convenient. The indicators next
to the charging port instantly alert you when the battery is low and display
 the charging status.

* Speed test method: The fully charged device is run at no load for 2 minutes and the speed is then tested with an infrared tachometer.
* Spindle runout (i.e. precision bit concentricity) test method: A standard test rod is inserted into the output shaft. A laser diameter gauge is used to measure the runout at a distance of 25.4mm from the end surface of the output shaft.
* The dimensions stated may vary or be inaccurate due to different measurement conditions.
* Screwing test method: The device is fully charged until the white lamp is illuminated. The ST2 x 5mm self-tapping screw is then driven into the pine board until the battery runs out.
* Hardness varies by ±2HRC. Screwdriving bit hardness tests were conducted by the National Light Industry Tool Hardware Quality Supervision & Testing Station, Shanghai. Report No.: G20200215.
* Torque at level I varies by ±0.03Nm and torque at level II varies by ±0.08Nm. Torque test method: The fully charged device is run without load for 2 minutes and a torque tester is then used to measure the torque at levels I and II.
* The battery was tested by the Southern Testing Company of the China Certification & Inspection Group. Report No.: SET2019-08673. The battery protection tests were conducted by Precise Testing & Certification (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.; Report No.: PTC20032303001S-GB01.
* Unless otherwise indicated, all data referred to on this page is from the HOTO Laboratory. Data may vary or be inaccurate due to differences in the objective environment and other factors.

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