Step 1:

In China, shipment is first sprayed by the disinfection chemicals and then it is packed in wooden pallets before sending to Australia by air.

Step 2:

In the second phase, when the shipment arrives in Australia at the airport, it is again sprayed by the disinfection chemicals by the airport authorities.

Step 3:

In the third phase, shipment arrives at our warehouse where before unloading the shipment from the container, our employees first wear full body protections suits along with N-95 masks and gloves. They then unload and open the shipment.

Step 4:

After opening the shipment, firstly again it is sprayed by disinfection chemicals and then we place the products in our warehouse. Our warehouse is also sprayed by disinfection chemicals after every 3 days intervals, as safety of our employees and customers is number one priority.

Step 5:

In the next phase when we receive the order from the customers the product is packed in a sealed flyers. Which is then handed over to the courier service.

Step 6:

The courier service is also very keen to provide customers with the best possible protection. When the flyer reaches the origin warehouse of the courier service it gets sprayed by disinfectant chemicals.

Step 7:

In the final phase, the rider who picks the flyer from the origin warehouse of the courier service is suited in protections suit along with a mask and gloves. They then hand over the flyer to the customer.

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